Our strength training philosophy at Pippin Performance is simple:


Train the human first, the athlete second. 

No matter the sport or activity you want to participate in, you must first be what we call, “human strong”.  


This means building a solid foundation with spinal strength and optimizing your ability to push, pull, pick-up, and carry. Everyone is exposed to these movement patterns on a daily basis so becoming efficient in these areas will give you the prerequisites for any activity or sport you want to participate in. From there, we begin to specialize training in the areas that will help you improve performance in the activity you love.


Our strength training programs are about more than just lifting weights. We use a well-rounded approach including cardiovascular and mobility training to create quality movement in all areas. 


Check out any of our private, small group, or online options and see for yourself. 


One-on-one coaching.

Helping you increase strength by building a solid foundation and developing the skills for your favorite sport or activity. 


Small group environment.

Individualized programming. 

This isn’t your typical group class where 20 people are stuffed in a small room, doing the same workout. Nope. Not here. We understand that everyone’s goals and abilities are different, which is why we limit the size of the group to 6 people.

Each person gets their own workout with the added motivation of working side-by-side with others at a fraction of the cost of private training. 


For new clients - We ask that you first do a single private session first so we can assess you.


Anytime, anywhere strength coaching.

Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it’s not personal. Get custom strength training programs, designed with your experience, injury history, availability and goals in mind.


"Having been de-conditioned over a number of years for a variety of reasons, Matt had a challenge: to get me fit, without breaking me in the process. And, he did!


With movement exercises, strength training, and behavior modification, Matt taught me to move my body safely, pushed me wisely through a variety of strength building exercises, and educated me on the need to respect my body and avoid injury.

Because of his training and encouragement, I recently completed a year of mud run obstacle courses (3), distance races (2), and generally have seen my mental and physical health improve.

Start with Matt and you won’t be disappointed. It takes time, and some dedication but the rewards will present themselves. And, you will make a good friend and coach at the same time."


Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any exercise program. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

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