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  • Coach Matt Pippin

Review Of The WeckMethod Qualification Course

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the WeckMethod Qualification course here in San Diego, created by David Weck who is better known as the inventor of the Bosu Ball. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a gym you’ve undoubtedly seen one. But what you probably didn’t know is that the Bosu Ball was only the beginning of a much greater movement, known as the WeckMethod. With Chris Chamberlin, the Director of Programming by Weck’s side, it’s something that’s about to change the way we look at locomotion.

The WeckMethod Qualification course includes a series of techniques and training principles that are designed to optimize human movement and it’s nothing like I’ve experienced before. This system helps athletes at any level but is incredibly beneficial for runners. At the end of the three days you’ll be “qualified” to teach a 90 minute running clinic and to share this new and improved way of how we train locomotion.

For me, the real eye opener in this course is learning their theory of “the why” behind how our bodies are meant to move. To give you a little context, I spent the majority of my time between the age of 16 and 33 being as rigid as possible because I thought it allowed me to lift the biggest weight possible. My body didn’t flow when I walked and I actually walked like I had a stick up my you-know-what because after too many back injuries, I thought it was necessary to be “braced in my core” all day everyday.

Man was I wrong. When you start to listen to the mad scientist himself David Weck, you start to realize that in order to move efficiently, you have to flow. Our body is comprised of so much elastic tissue in the form of fascia, that when you move correctly you start to have a little bounce to your step, making movement feel effortless. Weck is about 49ish in age, but he bounces around like a little gazelle all day! He’s harnessed the ability to be in a flow when he moves, constantly tapping into the elasticity of his body so it’s like he has little springs in his feet. How does this happen? Like anything else…years of mastering the basics.

So what are the basics of the WeckMethod?


This exercise focuses exclusively on engaging and incorporating the lats to maximize rotational power, speed and balance. Tapping into these big boys, allows you to become as Weck calls it “a big cat” and learning to use your lats for locomotion rather than just pulling things is when the magic happens. Look at the size of your lats, i mean they tie directly into your glutes so when you combine them…it’s go time!


Want to feel like you have a rocket shooting out of your backside as you run? Then this technique is for you. The new patented ProPulsers that are used with this training may look like salt and pepper shakers but they provide you with instant audio feedback which in essence makes you spring from the ground. They are designed to help you improve stride frequency, cadence and efficiency-integrating your upper and lower body to work as one complete system.

The double down pulse is when your hands act like the hammer when striking the ground. The harder your hands pulse down, the more power is produced by your leg. This by no means is easy. It takes a ton of practice, but when you get it… boom! You get that extra pep in your step.


The last of the basics is using compression on the Bosu Ball. Now, I hate to admit it, but I always thought this was some silly little group exercise class gadget. Wrong! The Bosu definitely has some great balance components but the money is in the compression. Spending literally 3-8 seconds compressing the ball with your feet or hands instantly lights your nervous system up in a good way. If you follow it up by immediately going into some form of lift (bench, deadlift, or squat for example) watch out because you’re going to be a monster. It’s crazy how it works, but for all of you big lifters out there, drop everything, go purchase a Bosu Elite and watch some Instagram posts from my boy Chris Chamberlin (@savageprotocols) to see some examples of compression techniques.


These three highlights are only scratching the surface of what took place during this course but I wanted to keep this short and sweet. There were only 12 of us in the course which means you get to spend a little time talking to everyone each day. By the end of the course, most of us realized that we were all missing something in this whole “human movement” world.

Now that I’ve had a couple of weeks to show my clients some of the techniques I’ve learned, I can also say this has brought a new level of fun into how I train others. Someone can walk in the door feeling a little grumpy because they’ve had a long day but after a few minutes with these concepts, I see the smile creep in. That’s a huge win in my book.

Because of David Weck and my boy Chris Chamberin, we all have a new perspective and some pretty powerful tools at our disposal to help people move, feel and perform at their highest level. Stay tuned everyone, David and Chris are out to change the world, one WeckMethod Qualification at a time.


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Matt is a Strength and Mobility Coach with over 15 years experience in his field and has coached over a thousand professional, collegiate and everyday athletes with the goal to help them move, feel and perform at their highest level. He's incredibly passionate about bringing simple and effective online mobility training programs to everyone who wants to take control of their self care and make lasting change. CLICK HERE to learn more.


  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Level 3: Fascial Stretch Specialist

  • Level 1: Institute of Motion Health Coach

  • Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

  • Level 1 Kinstretch Instructor

  • Weck Method Qualified

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