Best Gifts For Health & Fitness Enthusiasts

Updated: Nov 6

Ready or not, gift giving season is around the corner friends!

Don't panic if you haven't started thinking about shopping yet...I've got you covered with a holiday gift guide that's jam packed with goodies I personally use. They're perfect for any strength & mobility loving friend or family member (or for you!).

I wanted to get this out to you before Cyber Weekend so you could get your list together and be ready for when those deals drop (which many will be starting before Cyber Weekend!).

Book: Breath by James Nestor

Breath by James Nestor is by far my favorite read over the past few years. Breathing is arguably the most important component of our day to day lives, yet it tends to be placed on the back burner when it comes to training. Nestor does an amazing job of luring you in with great stories, he gives you the why behind a concept and then provides a simple and easy to use application. If you’ve ever heard me say breathe through your nose, tape your mouth while sleeping, or use breath to control your stress and emotions, you’ll finally know where it came from!

Book: Sacred Cow - by Diane Rodgers and Rob Wolf

If you know me, you know how much meat I eat and how I feel pretty damn healthy, but like clockwork, every few months a documentary or book comes out telling us how detrimental eating meat is for your health and how all of our problems will be solved by switching to a plant based diet.

Sacred Cow debunks all of the myths surrounding meat eating, why a plant based diet won’t solve all of your problems and how sustainable an animal based diet can be. Even if you’re not into food like me, it’s still highly enjoyable to understand how our bodies respond to an omnivorous (meat and veggies) diet.

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks

Want to know what is the most bang for your buck piece of exercise equipment on the market??? You probably didn’t guess yoga blocks but there isn’t a more versatile piece of equipment to gift to your fitness enthusiast. Whether they use it for yoga, mobility training or a prop to change up their strength training regiment, yoga blocks are perfect.

Buyer beware though. The most important trait a yoga block must have is being durable and being affordable is a bonus too. That's where these Gaiam Essential yoga blocks come in.

I’ve used these things pretty much everyday for 5 years and they still have the same shape and sturdiness, plus the price is perfect!

Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights

What do you give the fitness enthusiast who’s always bragging about how mobile or flexible they are? ADJUSTABLE ANKLE WEIGHTS!!! These will put the best, strongest mover to the test. I've seen it a thousand times. Once you add a small amount of load the whole game changes. For instance, throw a 1-2 lb ankle weight on your ankle during a Hip CAR and you’re going to experience a brand new set of sensations (and probably a killer cramp).

What I love about these Sportneer adjustable ankle weights, is that they're adjustable and durable. Being able to quickly go from 1-5 lbs ensures that my body is always progressing without being annoyed on how long it takes to switch out the weight. Secondly, I use these just about everyday in some capacity and have yet to see any wear and tear. Give someone the gift of mobility gains this holiday season!

The Best Yoga Mat Ever!

If you do any type of at-home exercises like mobility training, pilates or yoga, you may be familiar with the dilemma of having a mat that’s either too narrow or too thin. The struggle has been real on this one. I’ve searched and searched for a wide mat that will support my knees, without breaking the bank.

I'm really pumped to share the Prosource Fit extra thick mat with you that I found on Amazon of all places. It’s the same mat I’ve been using in our Kinstretch Online workouts and this thing has lasted through all of the use and abuse I put it through.

Here’s what I love about them:

  • Customize your size - An order includes 6, 24”x24” foam tiles with 12 border pieces so you can customize the size to what activity you’re doing. I only need 4 for my workouts and have plenty of room to move around.

  • Affordable - Yes please! For $35 + free shipping for Amazon Prime members, I’ll take it. Sayonara overpriced yoga mat!

  • Thick - I personally recommend the 3/4” mat so you can save your knees!

  • Non-slip - Because they’re interlocking puzzle pieces there’s no "slip and split” action going on. I have these on my hardwood floor and have never had an issue.

  • Durable - I’ve put mine to the test with over 1,000 hours of use and they’re still in awesome condition. I can’t speak highly enough about the quality of these. No crumbling or ripping like your see with your standard yoga mat.

  • Simple assembly and easy to store - These are light and quick to connect or disassemble. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and if I have guests coming over, I can quickly take them apart and store under my bed or in the closet.