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Get Glute Gains (w/o a Single Hip Thrust, Clam, or Side Band Walk)

Do you feel like you’ve run out of options to train those oh so important glutes?

I mean, how many side band walks…clams…and hip thrusts can one person possibly do?

If you feel like those glute gains have come to a halt, check out today’s coaching because I’m going to show you a simple exercise you can do at home that’s going to blow up your glutes like you won’t believe.


Your glutes are made up of a ton of different muscles not only on the surface level, but all the way down to the hip joint. In order to continue maximizing gains, it’s crucial for you to attack different lines of tissue by changing the angle from where we’re creating tension.

What does this mean exactly?

We’ll be placing your body in new positions so you can attack tissue that hasn’t been stressed yet. This is the key to breaking through those pesky plateaus and seriously is the secret weapon not many know about so I’m really excited to share this with you today.

It’s an exercise from my Kinstretch Online program and fair warning, it may look simple, but…uh uh.

Once you try it, you’ll feel some tissue in your hip and butt that you’ve never felt before.


I’ll coach you up on this in the video above but I want you to understand that the key to getting max results with this exercise is to not let your body or pelvis roll away from the leg that is lifting.


If you let your body move too much, the tension will go away from where you’re trying to build strength and you defeat the purpose of this exercise. So keep it honest and imagine you have a glass of water on your lower back, and don’t spill it!

Ok, you ready to get those buns of steel? Let’s do this!


Once you feel like you’ve got this move down and you need a little more sauce on it, just add a 2 or 3 lb ankle weight and keep the gains a coming!


If your glutes always feel tight, no amount of stretching is going to make long lasting change. The issue oftentimes comes from your hip joint. That's why I put together this Sticky Hips Cheatsheet to help you pinpoint where your problems are coming from or where weaknesses may be lurking so you can take action. It's completely free is click the link below to grab it now.


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Matt is a Strength and Mobility Coach with over 15 years experience in his field and has coached over a thousand professional, collegiate and everyday athletes with the goal to help them move, feel and perform at their highest level. He's incredibly passionate about bringing simple and effective online mobility training programs to everyone who wants to take control of their self care and make lasting change. CLICK HERE to learn more.


  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Level 3: Fascial Stretch Specialist

  • Level 1: Institute of Motion Health Coach

  • Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

  • Level 1 Kinstretch Instructor

  • Weck Method Qualified

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