How Elvira Relieved Her Hip Pain In 2 Months

Updated: May 15, 2021

Something special happened at the end of an online session with my client Elvira recently that I think is worth sharing because there’s a message that just about everyone who’s experienced aches, pains, and tightness should hear. Luckily she agreed to let me share her moment with you.

My hope is that this will give you some perspective on what to expect when you start mobility training, how soon you can see results, what hurdles you may need to work through and most importantly, inspire you to keep moving! You are not broken and I hope Elvira’s story shows you that.

She went from being paralyzed in pain to doing her happy dance once she realized the progress she had made but it didn’t come without it’s challenges so let’s dive in to Elvira’s story of how she relieved hip pain in just 2 months.