Simple Core Exercise For Lower Back Pain

Updated: 4 days ago

If you’ve been struggling with lower back pain, you might be surprised to hear that it may be caused by poor upper back mobility.

That’s right! Your upper back might be contributing to that annoying lower back pain and discomfort!

If you’ve tried all the stretches, dead bugs, bridges, or even inversion tables and can’t seem to shake it, don’t miss today’s coaching because I’m going to show you a simple core exercise to help relieve that pain.


When it comes to the connection between our upper and lower back, what we don’t often think about is that when your upper back is rounded too far forward, undue stress and tension is placed upon your lower back. It’s simple physics.


In order to take stress off of your lower back, you need to train your UPPER back to flex and extend, because that’s what your spine is meant to be able to do. Basically you better use it, or you lose it!

Today’s exercise is a sneak peek from Kinstretch Online and I love it because it not only strengthens that flexion and extensions, but it also attacks all the muscles of your mid section, from your abs, your hip flexors, and even the little erectors running up your lower back. Add it all up and we have a new powerhouse exercise!


You'll want a yoga block or something similar like a pillow, blanket, towels, etc.


If you’re always feeling your lower back then you'll love a hip mobility exercise I have for you that will blast through any pain you're experiencing. Click the link below to get my must-have mobility tools that will help you get to work on this. It’s free so don’t miss it.

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