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  • Coach Kevin Kieras

Guest Blog: Coach Kevin Kieras on Fascial Stretch Therapy

How many times have we said the following? “It’s just a little ache” or “I’ve had this pain for as long as I can remember, I just deal with it now…it’s fine.”

Our bodies are amazing at covering up our movement faults and creating compensatory patterns. So much so, that we barely even notice…until it starts to hurt. What if you could manage your body so you no longer experience the aches and pains? What if you knew how to deal with them? So when your back starts to bark, you have the movements to help alleviate it? WARNING: This does require accountability!!

There is a great technique to help with these aches and pains. Oh and by the way, if you’re an athlete it can help improve your performance as well!

It’s called Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). Don’t think of your old gym class stretches, they don’t apply here. FST is a traction based, pain free, movement pattern that works with your breathing. The practitioner feels for tissue restrictions and works with your breathing pattern and body to release the fascia.

FST was developed by Ann and Chris Frederick over 20 years ago. They have used it to help Olympic athletes, NFL players and college track and field programs (to name a few). After years of helping clients they wanted to share their knowledge and created the Stretch to Win Institute to educate other practitioners who wanted to make a difference.

From the moment you get on the table, you will feel the difference of FST. From the way your breathing changes, to the way the practitioner works with your body and ranges of motion. Remember that low back pain you were having? Yeah, FST will help with that. By utilizing gentle traction to create space in your joints. The FST practice allows your body to gain range of motion and feel better doing it.

Once you step off the table you will feel like a million or billion dollars! Whichever you think feels the best :) Remember, earlier how I said this does require accountability….well….here it is!

Your body didn’t get into those poor compensation patterns overnight, it happened over days, months, years or even decades. It will take more than one 55 minute session a week or every other week to get you really moving pain free. The great news is…Matt at Pippin Performance and I teach you how to retrain your body to adjust to your new found mobility and pain free range of motion. By giving you a few take home movements to do for 5 minutes a day, you can take the benefits of FST from the table and translate it to your everyday life. When you sit for 2 hours in the car or travel in the plane all day, the take home movements will be your way to unlock your body move better again before you see us for another FST session. Consistency is key for the whole process. Every single body is different. The take home exercises are customized to maximize YOUR movement patterns and abilities.

If you’re looking for technique that can improve your pain free range of motion all while giving you knowledge about ways to manage your health; FST is the modality you should consider. The first session is complimentary, so you can ask questions and feel the difference. Questions? Drop me a line on Facebook, Instagram or learn more on my website. ​



Kevin has been a Personal Trainer and coach for the past 8 years. He is also a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST). Before moving to Colorado in 2013 and onto Portland in 2017; he worked in corporate fitness and at The East Bank Club in downtown Chicago. Finding the midwest winters to finally be too much, he packed up his bags and headed west!

He has helped high school baseball players all the way through Ironman champions achieve their personal and professional goals.

By utilizing a unique combination approach of movement patterning and FST, Kevin is able to achieve results far beyond normal strength and conditioning.

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